BM News: A Creative Outlet for Students, Opportunity to Explore Broadcast Journalism

Want to hear Bishop Macdonell news for students, from students? Look no further than their very own BM News.

A 100% student run news channel, BM News serves the student body by reporting on all of the need-to-know school information. The structure is simple, it airs twice a week – Wednesdays and Fridays, beginning with morning announcements, including O Canada and Prayer videos created by students in the TV/Video broadcast course, special events, club meeting info, sports results, anything that the students and staff want and need to know.

Grade 12 student, Luc Gignac, has been involved with BM News for the last three years. Most recently, he is serving as the producer and director of the show itself.

“I am responsible for making sure broadcasts run smoothly, as well as that any announcements that need to be given out are in the script the anchors read,” explained Gignac.

Gignac is joined by nine other students who take on various roles on the show, including camera operator, anchor, scripting and teleprompter control, and sound and lights control.

“We are always inviting new tech and talent volunteers of all grades so that they can learn and we can keep things running for years to come,” shared David Della Croce, teacher supervisor for the extra-curricular. “BM News is a valued part of our school culture, as well as an activity and outlet for students to be an important part of the student body's array of clubs, teams, and groups.  Whether interested in journalistic, management, or technical aspects, it brings together a committed group of students to produce a show that brings the entire Bishop Mac population together for a few minutes, twice a week, all year long.”

And a valued part of the school culture it is, its impact going beyond the classroom to help to propel students with a passion for journalism into their careers, including notable alum Dana Roberts.

“The original anchor of BM News was Dana Roberts, who is currently a video journalist and producer for CTV News Barrie,” shared Della Croce. “He played a big role in getting BM News off the ground in the early days.”

Beyond the bright lights and career aspirations, many of the cast and crew join BM News really for the fun of it. Including Gignac, who saw this extracurricular activity as an enjoyable outlet.

“When I joined BM News in my grade 10 year, I wanted to be a part of this entertaining show. I was inspired by the anchors and wanted a piece of the action. I loved the nature of the show itself and wanted to be a part of it,” he said. “I love to report on silly, yet still relevant topics. When we went online last year, the anchors went to extremes to provide a weather report. People would climb trees, I put together a time travel segment, and during any more dramatic weather, we would put ourselves in it to film our weather segments. It was silly, entertaining, and relevant.”

Reflecting on his own great experience, Gignac encourages anyone and everyone who has a spark for broadcast to join BM News.

“I have loved my time here at BM News. While it's certainly had its bumps, I have made so many good memories, and honestly wouldn't trade it for anything else,” he said. “I think that the experience that BM News can provide is amazing, no matter what your part in it is. Whether it's being in anchor, and providing the comedic aspect in the broadcast, or behind the scenes and holding everything together, you can learn something. Not just that but enjoy doing it. I truly believe there's something here for everyone, and all you have to do to get in on it, is show up and try your best.”

All episodes of the show can be found on their YouTube channel, subscribe here: BM News - YouTube