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Registration at Bishop Macdonell

Like all Ontario Catholic high schools, Bishop Macdonell is open access. Students are NOT REQUIRED to be Roman Catholic to attend our school. 
All are welcome at our CELTIC table!  No matter what the religious tradition of your family – whether denominational Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, etc. – if you would like to explore our faith-based learning community, then you are welcome to attend. Contact our school Guidance Office Administrator to arrange a meeting to learn more about our inclusive Catholic community.
All enrolled students participate in our full program of religious education, liturgical celebration and retreats. Our open access graduates speak of the gift of a comprehensive faith education for mind, body, and spirit that educates the whole person for all of life.
All are welcome here
Visit our Guidance webpage OR

If you would like to register a student at Bishop Macdonell, please contact our Guidance Office Administrator, Carole Kennedy [email protected]