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Academic Departments

Bishop Macdonell Catholic High School offers a multitude of educational experiences for students both in and outside the classroom.
Learn more about the courses & programs offered at our school through our COURSE CALENDAR, by clicking the links below, AND by visiting the WCDSB Program webpage for descriptions of the special programming offered at Bishop Macdonell.
The Arts Daigneau, Amberlea 101255
Business Studies Daigneau, Amberlea 101255 amberlea.daigneau
Canadian & World Studies Martin, Peter 101337 peter.martin
Guidance & Career Studies; Co-op Nash, Amy 101322
Healthy Active Living Burns, Brian 101314 brian.burns
IB Program Belluz, Amanda 101321 amanda.belluz
Languages Dept. Perigo, Heather 101330 heather.perigo
Mathematics Vadala, Melissa 101340 melissa.vadala
Religion and Family Studies Klein, Trevor 101320 trevor.klein
Sciences Venneri, Vince 101318 vincenzo.venneri
Special Education O'Brien, David 101312 david.obrien
Technological Studies Della Croce, David 101221 david.dellacroce