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Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) in our School Community

CAS 20/21
This was a year of growth and learning for our students.
The current global pandemic continues to challenge students to find valuable ways to explore and develop their Creativity, Activity and Service CAS options. In addition to building peer and staff relationships through school co-curricular opportunities, such as: Link Crew, Student Council, Relay for Life; and other activities in the LLC, Archives and morning announcements, students created opportunities and experiences that enhanced our school and global communities.
Below are a few of the projects our IB students were involved with in 2020/21.
Student Community Resources
Not sure what to do in Guelph?
Check out this online resource developed by IB Y2 Samasti C., with promotional assistance from classmate Hannah P., to help students learn about venues and activities in Guelph. This was also developed to be dynamic. We are excited to see which student continues this project.
Blood Drive 
An IB Year 2 student, Claire A. organized a blood drive at our school during a COVID-19 LOCKDOWN in May 2021. All spots were booked within days!
One of the Blood Drive announcements: 

The Bishop Macdonell community is participating in a blood drive on Saturday, May 22nd 2021 in partnership with the Canadian Blood Services Guelph. All members of the Bishop Macdonell community including staff, students, and parents are welcome.

Blood DriveFor many Canadians, blood transfusions are a lifesaving resource. Therefore, donating blood is an amazing opportunity to help our community! Students can also earn volunteer hours/CAS experience from donating blood.

BM Democracy Week
IB Y1 student Unjal P. organized BM Democracy, in an effort to encourage students to pre-register to vote. This student extended the standard school announcements by requesting that our school news include information about voting rights and privileges in Canada.
Voting registration is ongoing, see below:
BM Democracy WeekVoting should be easy and accessible for all eligible voters. Through the Elections Ontario and the Ontario Register for Future Voters, Bishop Mac is encouraging ALL eligible students (16+ and a Canadian citizen) to register to vote.
The BM Democracy campaign aims to raise awareness on the importance of voting and promoting student voter registration through the Ontario Register of Future Voters .
Below: This project included a student contest that improved engagement, school recognition, and awareness of the issue. Contest has ended. 
Our school is entered into a provincial competition with Elections Ontario to register as many voters as possible. To count everyone that registers, students will need to take a screenshot of their registration, then fill out this survey following their online registration https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdH_fag3vLr6aj36xNp9Q_ns4EoU4xSnCfRZcY8BmkxS4T1Qw/viewform.
The competition ends April 29th! Registering to vote is ongoing.
2. Take a screenshot of your registration.
3. Complete the survey.
Remembrance Day
Students worked together to create a dynamic Remembrance Day display.
remembrance day display 1  Remembrance Day display 2  Remembrance Day Display 3