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Foundation Courses

Offered at Bishop Macdonell, our Foundation courses prepare grade 9 and 10 students to enter the IB Diploma Programme, in grade 11. The Foundation courses are not mandatory for acceptance into the Diploma Programme, but will help to prepare students for success in the Diploma Programme.  The Foundations courses are also an important part of the discernment process for students considering the IB Diploma Programme.


The Foundation courses at Bishop Macdonell are taught by professionally trained IB teachers to help fully prepare students for the courses ahead.


Students interested in the Foundation courses in grade 9 students take Religion and Science with IB trained teachers.  In grade 10, students take both grade 10 and grade 11 Math, along with grade 10 English to prepare them for their studies in the Diploma Programme in grade 11. In Diploma Programme, students must continue studying a second language, therefore, if students wish to continue studying French in the IB program, they must also take French in grade 10.


For additional information about the IB Diploma Programme, visit www.ibo.org