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Career Continuum

Your Career, Your Choice; BE YOUR BEST!

Our Board has implemented a Career Continuum that helps the Guidance Department put a focus and goal to our career delivery. Every Grade has a career goal...
When in Grade 10, students are to "EXPLORE OPPORTUNITIES". Choosing electives that will enhance your skills and knowledge in interest areas, as well as planning volunteer opportunities that will enhance your ability to understand what is being done in the community are all good ways to explore. 
In Grade 11, the Grade 11 goal is "EXPERIENCE". Students should be taking courses to broaden their understanding in specific program areas related to careers they may be interested in pursuing after high school. Co-operative Education is an excellent way for a student to gain workplace "experience" and gain an appreciation for that career pathway.
By Grade 12, the goal is to "MAKE A DECISION". As difficult as it is for student's to narrow down their choices, student's need to have researched their options, tried to get exposed to as much as they can in their areas of strength, interest and aptitude, that they are able to start making informed decisions about their post-secondary pathway.