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Guidance Team

Bishop Macdonell's Guidance Team has a mission to provide support for students through personal counselling, career information and by helping to prepare students for their important High School transitions, from grade 8 through to their post-secondary lives.
Counsellors visit classrooms, meet with students, and offer presentations that provide students with the resources they need to make informed, courageous and honourable decisions for their educational, apprenticeship or workplace pathway. 
Meet our Guidance Team!
Carole Kennedy, Guidance Secretary (ext.101308) [email protected]
Ms.Kennedy is our Guidance Secretary. She can provide transcripts or answer questions regarding registration.​ Also, Ms.Kennedy can help connect you with our Guidance staff.
Amy Nash, Guidance and Co-op Head (ext.101338)  [email protected]
​​​Ms.Nash oversees all Guidance related issues. She is directly responsible for all gr.12, and 12+ students.
Brian Burns, Guidance Counsellor (ext.101314/354) [email protected]
Mr.Burns is directly responsible for assisting all gr.9 students, and all gr.11 students (last names M-Z).
Marianne Sullivan, Guidance Counsellor (ext.101322) [email protected] 
Ms.Sullivan assists all gr. 10 students, and gr.11 students (last names A-L).
Kate Fortney, Student Success Teacher (ext.101345) [email protected]
​​Ms.Fortney supports students and staff in achieving their learning goals. She also assists students in credit recovery.
Community Support Staff
Michael Malak, Social Worker (ext.101325) michael.malak​
Deacon Trevor Klein, Chaplain (ext.101310) [email protected] 
Officer Nightingale and Melitzer​, School Resource Officers [email protected] [email protected]    Guelph Police Community Services