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Student Success

Student Success - Celebrating your Potential!
WELCOME to Student Success, located next to the Guidance Office, on the 1st floor at Bishop Macdonell. Student Success is a safe space where students may seek assistance, obtain course recovery help and grow to their learning potential. 
Student Success is open every day, including LUNCH and AFTER SCHOOL.
The Student Success Teacher provides a supportive teaching role, by assisting all students and their teachers in ensuring that our Celtics achieve and reach beyond their high school learning goals. The Student Success Teacher works in their role to build intentional relationships with Bishop Macdonell students to better assist them with meeting their Graduate Requirements and their lives following their time at Bishop Macdonell. 
Credit recovery is also offered through Student Success—if a student is unsuccessful in a course, they may have the option to recover the missed portions of that credit. 
What to Expect at STUDENT SUCCESS:
·       A quiet place to work
·       One-on-one support from a teacher
·       A list of tutors
·       Assistance with credit recovery
·       A list of all clubs, teams and activities
·       Essay writing and editing
·       French & Spanish educational supports
·       Shakespeare Guides (No Fear Shakespeare)
·       Computers, a printer, and resource board
·       Digital recorders (for oral testing purposes)
·       A reading nook
·       Supplies for assignments and projects
·       Welcome packages for new students
For additional information, please visit the WCDSB Secondary Student Success Program webpage.