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Wellness Committee

Wellness Wednesdays are provided by our student Wellness Committee;
airing Wednesdays and Fridays on BM News.
For more useful links, visit Bishop Macdonell's Mental Health & Wellness page.
Music has a number of benefits for the mind, body and soul. Here are some helpful music and meditation app recommendations from fellow students. These apps have a variety of music and guided recordings that focus on changing moods and emotions, or highlight struggles, such as anxiety.
Try these out to focus on the soothing, energizing, harmonizing POWER OF MUSIC :
  • Spotify
  • Calm
  • Head space
  • Insight Timer
  • What's Up
  • Smiling Mind
CHAIR YOGA (starts at 17:45 mins)
BREATH IN A BOX (starts at 16:50 mins)
Healthy Snacks